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I used to work on Madness animations, collabs and whatever. I'm dead now.

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Peterpeterpet's News

Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 22nd, 2016

Jesus Christ, here we are again. Wish I had something for today, but it's not like my last year's submission was very appreciated anyway shrug

Hope you all have a great day, and may the Madness never die. Still waiting on Madness 11.

Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 24th, 2015

After years with nothing, I was able to put something together for this Madness Day.

A little late though...


Sword Madness



Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 22nd, 2014

Yeah, like, if time could stop flying so fast, that would be great.

Another Madness Day. My fifth one...

So... I've got nothing this year (lazy ass fuck), but I'll be spending a part of my day watching some entries here, like those classic entering a room and killing everybody with no plot at all animations... But, sometimes, we see something different and original.

Check out my stupid art for today.

And, below, just something I've been doing while bored. Don't know if it's going to come out in a near future. Maybe.


Anyway, it's great to be here for another year.

Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 10th, 2014

Just do it!



Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 22nd, 2013

Still remember Madness Day 2010 and shit. Time flies :o Anyway, as usual, I'm a lazy fuck and have got nothing this year and neither will have next year.

I'm just happy to see that's my 4th Madness Day since I joined NG... I miss the old days :(


I have some old Madness collab pieces witch I never used, and some of they are very nice! If your collab is actually good, PM me or something and we can talk.

EDIT: SS of something I'm animating for fun

EDIT: Check out Madness Encroachment Collab. I had totally forgot about this one, haha. Glad it came out after all.

Happy fucking Madness Day 2013

Posted by Peterpeterpet - July 21st, 2013

So, I was bored and did this shit. I rarely animate frame by frame so don't expect something good.
See ya...

EDIT: Almost forgot, tomorrow is Madness Day 2013. Of course, I've got nothing for whoever wants something from me, so... yeah.

Posted by Peterpeterpet - December 24th, 2012

I miss animating madness, I sure do. I'm not saying I will stay here forever - I won't. I will just animate some stuff and might join a few collabs.
By the way, just made this test. Am I still good?

Knife stabbing test.

EDIT: I'm working on an animation and I already have got something. You may get more updates later if this ends growing up more.

EDIT: Happy New Year!

EDIT: Screenshot of something I'm working on...

Guess who's back?

Posted by Peterpeterpet - September 9th, 2012

So, BioSoldier167 is out of NG. And what else? Well, our project was going very well but he decided to quit for his own reasons that I agree with. This didn't let me into the mood to go foward with Madness and NG. I may get online sometimes, but I won't be animating Madness for a few weeks, months, years... Not sure. Don't keep the fact that I will come back in your minds, because I may not. But fuck it, no one cares.
I probably have something more to talk about, but I don't remember.

See you!

EDIT: I will be around at Madness Day 2012 watching the animations, since I may have nothing else to do.

Posted by Peterpeterpet - April 15th, 2012

Me and BioSoldier167 will be doing a dual project in the next months and we will keep posting informations and screenshots about it. The project is going very well since we are putting a lot of effort into it... You won't recieve a lot of information about it because we are giving our best to not spoil anything. The concept is almost done and we WON'T dissapoint you.
I cancelled my duel with Gabriel Barsch because he didn't wanted this animation to pass through 15th of April. I knew I wouldn't have everything done until this day so this thing is now dead... It's a shame since I already have some parts done but I did the right.
Tomtyke cancelled Madness Courier collab because he thought it wouldn't go foward and since then I'm only working in my project with BioSoldier167
I MIGHT join a collab since XBlinx only used 1 of my 4 parts for Madness Lethiferous 2, letting me with 3 done collab pieces.

EDIT: My computer is passing through a few problems and I won't be able to use it for a while. I will be using the notebook that doesn't have Adobe Flash installed... Before any problems with the computer I did some good progress and may show it later.

EDIT: I already got my computer back, just forgot to tell you guys. Anyway, you can have a test:
P226 test

What's new?

Posted by Peterpeterpet - February 28th, 2012

Me and BioSoldier167 have an future project with an 100% done concept.
But before moving on, I will finish my duel with Gabriel Barsch. My progress is going very well and soon I will get this done once for all. After this, I may make one of my parts for Madness Courier collab and do the whole fucking thing with BioSoldier167

-Madness Lethiferous 2 collab - 4/4 parts done
-Madness Courier collab - 0/2 parts done
-Madness Extermination (Not the official name) with BioSoldier167
-Gabriel Barsch duel

Check out this screenshot from one of my parts for the duel:

EDIT: Madness Lethiferous 2 is out! The sad part is that XXBlinx was having problems putting in my parts on the collab, only one part could fit... But I can use those other three parts for another collab :)

EDIT: AK-47 test