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Damn! Amazingly well animated!

Very fast paced and anime-esqued, but that is just a matter of style. I loved it anyway.

Nice piece of action!
The only problems I had was with the overuse of the sword SFX and the low frame rate. Overall, it was a great animation.

sodacloud responds:

I only did look at one site for sounds, gotta look at more sites. Thanks for the review

One of the best Madness animations I've seen lately.
The effort alone you put into this is worth of a good rating.
Your animation skills have improved a lot. The animation still is slightly slow, but that is probably a matter of style.
Even though it might be way too complex for a Madness animation, making it hard to explain it, the plot is great.
Keep it up!

Kelzad responds:

Thanks, PPP :)

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Do I really have to rate it?

The first one as already incredible... This one is mind blowing! Congratulations, you deserve more than awards :D

Not bad

Artwork: 4
Fun: 5
Concept: 8
Difficulty: 7 (Not easy)
Jogability: 5 (Too hard to move)
Controls: 9

What could you get better?
Easy jogability, no hard moving
Art concept
Bigger guard radars
Kind of boring, slow action, get this better
New powers or habilities
Good concept but need more action as i said before

Not bad at all...

Nice graphics, the old and nostalgic angles and style with some nice effects and enemies make this game great. The gameplay is awesome, so is the original mutations and the bosses.
Cool game man, keep it up.

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Fucking amazing

Another impressive work

May i use this one too?

Great try on D&B

I guess you have made a sucessful try, congratulations.
I'm looking for a lot of songs to my flash animation, may i ask, can i use it?

Daydream-Anatomy responds:


go for it.

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Amazing, as always! You have no idea about how much I love your arts.

Rhunyc responds:

Haha thank you! I'm glad you like them so much! ^^

Amazing! All the details, the colors... Really great!

YakovlevArt responds:

thanks, loved those tiddly bits.

Woah! Beautiful.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks : 3

I used to work on Madness animations, collabs and whatever. I'm dead now.

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